Our company offers unparalleled skiing tours on New Zealand’s South Island’s majestic slopes.

New Zealand’s South Island is a paradise for ski enthusiasts, offering some of the most breathtaking and diverse slopes in the world. The region is renowned for its wide range of skiing terrains, catering to all levels of skiers from beginners to seasoned experts. One of the crown jewels of South Island skiing is The Remarkables, located near Queenstown. This area is celebrated for its stunning alpine scenery and offers slopes that are both challenging and rewarding. The Remarkables are particularly known for their sun-soaked north-facing slopes, providing skiers with longer daylight hours to enjoy their runs. Additionally, the terrain park is a haven for those looking to test their freestyle skills, making it a versatile destination that promises an exhilarating adventure to snowboard NZ.

Another must-visit destination on the South Island is Mount Hutt. This ski area is praised for having some of the most consistent snow conditions in New Zealand, thanks to its high altitude and favorable weather patterns. Mount Hutt boasts wide, open trails that allow for a sense of freedom and exploration, appealing to skiers of all proficiency levels. The area also offers specialized programs for children, making it an ideal choice for families looking to introduce their little ones to the joys of skiing in a safe and fun environment. Moreover, Mount Hutt’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation adds an extra layer of appeal for those who value eco-conscious travel. Together, these destinations encapsulate the essence of skiing in New Zealand’s South Island – unparalleled beauty, diverse terrains, and a commitment to providing a memorable skiing adventure for everyone.

Ski Adventures

The Remarkables, Queenstown

Positioned in the heart of Queenstown’s majestic landscapes, The Remarkables are a top choice for skiers due to their stunning alpine setting and diverse range of runs. This destination caters to all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers, and is particularly noted for its beautiful, north-facing slopes that soak up the sun. The Remarkables also boast a well-designed terrain park for those keen on freestyle skiing, making it a versatile ski area that combines scenic beauty with thrilling ski experiences.

Mount Hutt, Canterbury

Known for having one of the longest ski seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, Mount Hutt is celebrated for its reliable snow conditions and wide, expansive trails that cater to all skill levels. Its high altitude and geographical position contribute to its excellent snow quality and consistency. Mount Hutt is also family-friendly, offering numerous programs for children and beginners, making it a perfect destination for families seeking a comprehensive ski experience.

Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka

Cardrona stands out for its accessible terrain, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers, while still offering advanced runs and parks for more experienced enthusiasts. It’s renowned for its well-maintained pistes, extensive terrain parks, and half-pipes, which attract freestyle skiers and snowboarders from around the globe. The resort’s friendly atmosphere, combined with its diverse terrain and excellent facilities, ensures a welcoming and enjoyable skiing experience for everyone.